What Makes Us Different From Other Massage Clinics?

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Unlocking The Body:

  • We have a $60 New Client Promotion so that you may try out our facility.
  • We NEVER require you to sign up for ANY contracts or automatic deductions from your checking account. After your first visit an hour Massage is only $70.
  • We are open 6 days per week with many appointment time options for your convenience. We are even open on most holidays.
  • We help facilitate using your insurance to pay for your Massage Treatments including: checking your benefits, helping attain a prescription from your Doctor, and billing your insurance direct so that you can concentrate on getting better.
  • Our multiple, diverse practitioners have years of experience under their belt and go through a strict training and continuing education to make sure they can deal with even the most complex of issues, still at an affordable price. Each practitioner has a specialty that they have specific passion and talent for. Read their bios to learn more!
  • We focus on what is best for you as an individual and do not force our practitioners to be sales people. We only recommend what we feel is in our best interest and not what is best on our paycheck!
  • You are supporting a local business that has a vested interest in the community and helping others locally!

Want to Make Sure You Have Similar Interests With Your Provider?

Our staff has a wide background of likes and interest. Click below to find who is right for you.

Massage Chains

  • Most Chain Businesses give you a great deal the first time (usually around $40) but this only applies to the first time you get a massage there.
  • They push a contract massage deal where you have a monthly fee (around $70) taken out of your checking account directly for a period of time (usually 6-12 months) regardless of if you even get a massage there that month.
  • They focus on upselling and meeting sales quotas. Selling "memberships" and products adds to their paychecks.
  • The majority of employees at these clinics are directly out of massage school, which is a great opportunity, but typically you will receive a massage from a more inexperienced Practitioner. They also pay their practitioners about 60% less than our Therapists make per massage session.
  • You are unable to use your Medical Insurance benefits at these locations. They accept Cash, and sometimes you will see Car accidents or work injuries, but very rarely.
  • Only basic Swedish relaxation massage and traditional deep tissue are usually what you will find from theses locations.

Other Local Massage Businesses

  • They are usually very experienced Practitioners that have been in the field for a solid amount of time.
  • You can find a number of specialized practitioners that have found a niche within bodywork and are great at their specialized passion in Massage Therapy.
  • You are helping small business in your local community and that is always great!
  • The majority are not contracted with ALL insurance companies, and some not at all.
  • They may not be as up to date with insurance, prescription, pre-authorization, and chart noting requirements and you may risk having your claims denied due to lack of proper protocol followed by your practitioner.
  • Some do not submit billing for you. They will have you pay cash upfront and provide you with paperwork to try and get reimbursed on your own.
  • Their pricing may be higher than chains or our facility.
  • Their hours may be very limited and restricted and it may take a few days, if not weeks to get in to see them.

Foot Massage Shops

  • Most don't have Licensed Massage Practitioners that work their, yet still advertise for body massages.
  • They advertise for services of Reflexology, which the state limits to the feet, hands, and ears.
  • To perform reflexology in this state you do not need to have a Massage License. The training received for this type of work is very minimal.
  • As you have seen on TV, their have been police raids for prostitiution. Many times these places are fronts for illegal activity.

If you have any specific questions or concerns we would love to answer them.

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