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We are looking forward to meeting with you and being an active part in facilitating your health goals. Advocating for our Patients and educating about healthful living is of utmost priority here and we would love to have you feel comfortable about establishing care at our facility. Check out the links below to take a tour of Unlocking The Body, Meet the Providers in our office, or download the Intake Packet to bring with you to your first appointment.

If you have any other questions, or would like us to check your Medical InsurancePlan for Massage Therapy Benefits please, do not hesitate to phone the office at:

or email us at: [email protected]

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Jennifer R Bull, LMT

Michon A. Hebert, LMT

Jennifer A. Rowe, LMT

Jessica K. Campbell, LMT

Colette C. French, LMT

Tia L. Sheppard, LMT

Tiffany A. Holmes, LMT

Anne M. Schiele, LMT

Lena G. List, LMT

Bethany J. Erickson, LMT

Stephanie A. Turbyfill, LMT

Whitney L. Smith, LMT

Janelle R. Wise, LMT

Alexandra N. Carvalho, LMT

Danae N.S. Thiel, LMT