Massage Session Aftercare

It's a sad moment when you realize that your Massage session is coming to a close. However, you have just received some great bodywork from a highly skilled Therapist at Unlocking The Body, and this only the beginning! What a great opportunity to embark on a self care journey which nurtures your body leading to a happier and healthier you.

When you have visited massage clinics in the past, you have heard the inevitable..."Be sure to drink plenty of water" from your Therapist or the front desk staff, however, have you ever thought about what things you can incorporate in your self care routines which may extend the results of your bodywork session, and possibly even add to the benefits?

Below are a grouping of personally beneficial links each Therapist here at Unlocking The Body incorporates into their own self care post massage session, or, information they frequently share with their clients for homework. Feel free to read what works for them and incorporate into your post massage self care. If you are not sure if something is right for you, ask your primary care provider for their advice.

The Importance of Consistent Bodywork

Preventative care is key to avoiding those debilitating injuries, both acute and chronic in years to come. 

Do you ever have that twice per year episode when your back "goes out" and you spend 6 weeks or more rehabbing it, then drift back into your responsibilities without creating a long term plan to prevent it from happening in the future?

Making monthly massage or bi-weekly massage as a part of your self care regimen can help keep out out of pain and set your body up for success no matter what life may throw your way. 

Also, if you are coming in with an acute or chronic issue currently, one massage may help temporarily and take a good chunk out of your pain, however, a better plan is to take the recommendation of a care plan from your Therapist . Typically 3 sessions closer together (3-7 days) and 3 sessions a little further apart (7-14 days), for a total of around 6 sessions will assist in getting ahead of your issue and help set your body up on the road to a successful recovery!

Our Therapist's Favorite Post Massage Self Care Plans

Jennifer (Jen) Bull

When I decide to schedule myself a bodywork session I like to book it first thing in the morning, then go home and shower and get ready for my day. I prefer 90 minute sessions because 60 just doesn’t give me enough time to settle myself in a massage. It takes me about 15 minutes to get into the groove of my massage session. Before I had my son, I liked really deep work, but these days I prefer energy work or lymphatic drainage. 

Chakra balancing has always been an interest of mine and I love crystals and minerals and learning about how to use them in healing, so I love to receive sessions which incorporate these things as well.  Sound healing is another one of my interests and Solfeggio frequencies really intrigue me. When I float in our float pool I often listen to the Chakra Balancing selection or a mix of the solfeggio frequencies which can stimulate my chakras. I use this time in the float pool to “meditate” in my own way.

Here is a link to Glenn Harrold’s YouTube page.

 I love his guided meditation/hypnosis. I pay for his apps on iTunes App Store. The Solfeggio ones are my favorite. The 528hz is my all time favorite for just an overall reset and balancing, especially if my anxiety is high. Below is the link to a sampling of the 528hz meditation. I hope you enjoy!


When I see clients my main aftercare advice centers around making sure your structure is sound before you really try and address soft tissue issues. If your structure is not sound, your muscles will compensate to make up for the instability. I refer to Chiropractors often, a mix between traditional chiropractic and Atlas Orthogonal. We have some options listed on the Why see a Chiropractor page as well as many cards in the clinic.

After a session with me, I usually recommend you take a lap or two around the parking lot walking for 5 or so minutes just to not get in your car right away and put your muscles in the same position which contributed to your pain. I use neuromuscular work to help reset and “erase” engrained movement patterns which are unhealthy, so when you immediately get back into the same position, it can negate the results of the massage.

Another thing I recommend is to incorporate some water with lemon or alkaline water which is mineral based not using electricity to accomplish the alkalization. I suggest this because our bodies are continuously producing acids from breakdown of hormones, nutrients, energy, and cellular debris. The alkaline water or lemon water (lemon water become alkaline when fully digested) helps to decrease chronic low grade inflammation in the tissue and is a great adjunct for after massage self care.

I often refer to a Naturopath with my clients as well. When you are on a path to healing, knowing how to eat, what is good for your specific situation, and how to take supplements correctly and get the most for the money you pay is important. Guidance on this is extremely important, and a professional is a great resource to make sure your time and money are well spent. 

I always recommend my clients book 3 sessions with me to get a feel for the care I can provide to them and to see how their body responds. It does take time to notice things. Your body may be in a state of hyper adrenal response from stress or pain, and sometime the body will fight anything that try’s to change the current state where it is in compensatory survival mode. The body is highly intelligent and needs time to respond to change without feeling attacked. 

Colette Scott

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Alexandra (Alex) Carvalho

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Kathryn (Katy) Killingbeck

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Hop Around...and Try New Things

Now that you have had your first amazing experience... find your next Therapist at Unlocking The Body and explore the specialized care they have to offer.

It is okay to receive sessions from several Providers before or go between 1-2 after you have found the right fit, and we promise, we want you to try a few people, it doesn't hurt the Therapist's feelings and ensures you find just the right fit for your needs. 

Our Providers are unique in their skillset and life experience. We are confident you will find just the right person to meet your individual needs here at our clinic.

We also love helping you find the right care team and are always willing to refer to our colleagues here or even external providers who would be a great compliment to your path to wellness. Just ask us and we will help!

Unlocking The Body has a wide variety of Massage and Bodywork Modalities to help many different kinds of issues. Our clinic is proud to be the most diverse Massage Therapy clinic in the region with many lifelong experienced Therapists here to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Learn more about what we have to offer and which Providers are trained in those types and try them out. Hover over the "Services" in our menu above and learn about our specialized styles of Massage.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to schedule, reach out to us via call, text, or email and we would be happy to assist you.

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General Post Massage Aftercare

  • Eat Something - Massage has a tendency to decrease blood sugar and blood pressure as well as stimulate digestion. You may feel a bit light headed after your massage session so keeping a snack in your car to recharge after may help out.
  • Drink Plenty of Water the Next 24 Hours - Since massage promotes lymphatic movement, drinking water and hydrating yourself is key to moving toxins through the kidneys and out of the body. Drinking water is the best way to do this, so avoid the caffeinated or sugary drinks. Don't be surprised if you seem to have an increased urine output. This is a sign that you are doing the right thing!
  • Take A Bath or Using Hydrotherapy - A bath is very soothing after a massage, particularly with Epsom Salts. Epsom Salts are made from Magnesium Sulfate, which is a natural muscle relaxer (our float pool has 1400 pounds of this! It's also a good compliment to your massage session). Magnesium is a great help with at drawing toxins from the tissue as is the massage, so you may get a sort of detoxifying effect which is also very beneficial. You can get Epsom Salts at most grocery stores or pharmacies and if you don't have Epsom Salts, don't worry - a nice warm bath will do just fine. Please note that warm is preferred and not scalding hot, this is important because if you have any inflammation in the muscle tissue the excessive heat can serve to exacerbate the injury. If you have a very sore muscle or injury, try icing the area instead.
  • Stretch and Move...or Don't - Post massage you have a few choices. You may feel like moving, resting, or doing some self care like stretching or yoga. All of those are the right thing to do. Some Therapists will tell you to not do anything for 24 hours, and while it is nice to allow your body time to process the work you received, that may look different for each individual. Bottom line what feels right. Breath work, restorative yoga, an evening walk with your dog, or taking an afternoon nap are all acceptable post massage. Be aware, sometimes massages can make your body extra mobile so golf swings, lifting heavy objects, and exerting yourself should all be done mindfully in those first 24 hours.
  • Take Care of You Emotionally -  A mix of emotions can follow a Massage Session. Tissue holding of emotion is a real thing and you may notice different emotions coming up post massage such as; elation, feeling full of energy, or possibly like you need to have the emotional release of a good cry. All of these are normal, and it is ok to allow these emotions to process. Give yourself the space to just be present in those emotions. 
  • Soreness, Tissue Discoloration, and Pain - You may find especially if you had a deeper massage, ashiatsu, lots of facilitated stretching, Cupping or Guasha you may be left with some lingering soreness, like you had a good workout. New aches or pains may also be present temporarily as your body shifts and settles, but as long as they don't settle into a pain lasting more than 24 hours this is generally just part of the recovery process. Cupping and Guasha leave marks these can take a few hours to a few days for the body to reabsorb. This is based on your level of stagnation in the tissue and can look like a mild redness to a darker speckled purple. If you have any questions just reach out!

We Look Forward to Being an Active Part in Facilitating Your Care