Breast - Chest Massage

Why is Breast - Chest

Massage Necessary?

Breast - Chest tissue is an area on our body which can be overlooked when receiving massage therapy. The stigma around massage to the breast or chest area in Western culture is a limiting factor in many who need care but may be hesitant to seek it. This style of massage is not limited by gender, and chronic neck and thoracic pain, especially from sitting at a desk or computer may be impacted by muscular rib cage dysfunction, fascial restriction, and diaphragmatic adhesions, all can be helped through Breast or Chest Massage.

In addition to postural or chronic tissue dysfunction not linked to surgery or illness, a specific grouping of breast related ailments stemming from various conditions may be helped by this modality. Some examples of common conditions are listed below:

  • Breast - Chest Pain
  • Radiation or Chemotherapy
  • "Explant" Surgery (Removal of Implants)
  • Lymphadenectomy or Lumpectomy
  • Gender Affirmation
  • Elective Surgeries
  • Capsular Contracture
  • Gynecomastia Surgery
  • Fibrosis
  • Lactation Support
The complex network of lymphatic and circulatory vessels in addition to the surrounding soft tissue make this modality of massage an integral part of the healing and recovery process with any surgical or tissue changing/damaging procedure. Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) may also be useful in combination with Breast Massage to aid in the success of your treatment outcomes.

Things to Know For Your Upcoming

Breast - Chest Massage Session

How To Prepare For The Session:

Fill out the link for written consent prior to your session. In Washington state our Therapist must obtain both written and verbal consent to perform this modality. Rest assured your provider is trained and properly licensed to perform this specialized care.

What To Wear:

You will disrobe to your comfort level and be completely covered. Loose clothing is recommended which is easy to get in and out of. You will only being undraped in your chest area while your Therapist is working on specific issues. 

Will There Be Tools or Devices Used?

For Breast - Chest Massage Therapists predominantly use their hands to work the tissue however, depending on adhesions or scar tissue they may use Cupping or Guasha tools when appropriate. We do use draping techniques to maintain modesty, and will check in several times for comfort and consent. 

What To Do After The Session:

Drink plenty of water and nourish your body in a healthy way. Relax, and do any home and self care techniques your Therapist assigned. You may be sore in the area worked for 24-36 hours. 

How Many Sessions Will Be Needed?

Regardless of the reason, Breast - Chest Massage is a modality meant to re-establish function, decrease pain, and increase lymphatic movement. Each session builds on the next. A three (3) session protocol spaced at one time per week is a great start allowing your body to respond and use the treatments to facilitate healing.

Breast Implant Illness:


Very small amounts of silicone, platinum or other substances from the implant itself can “bleed” through into the surrounding tissue and can also spread within the capsule of scar tissue surrounding the implant, or even travel to other parts of the body and in extreme cases can sometimes be due to implant rupture,


chest pain - joint swelling - muscle weakness dry skin - rashes, - worsening anxiety/depression - chronic fatigue - memory and concentration problems - breathing problems - sleep disturbance - headache - hair loss - gastrointestinal issues - autoimmune symptoms


An explant is the procedure to remove one or both implants along with part or all of the surrounding scar capsule, Breast - Chest Massage can help pre and post procedure to help a successful second surgery or recovery from the explant itself. Manual Lymphatic Drainage may be a possibility to support detox from a damaged or ruptured implant as well.


Capsular contracture - Visible implant rippling - Implant rupture - Asymmetry - Breast Implant Illness (BII) - Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) - significant fear of developing the disease

If you think you may be suffering from Breast Implant Illness (BII), contact your doctor or surgeon for an evaluation and plan of care.

If you have specific questions about Breast - Chest Massage please email Anne Schiele for a more personalized response. Click her name and it will take you to her bio page as well as her email and hours of availability. 

Lactation Support:

Breastfeeding is extremely rewarding and beneficial in many ways for both parent and baby, yet ailments such as engorgement, plugged ducts, and mastitis are common, painful, and discourage continuance. Working with a Therapist who specializes in Breast Massage can help to make your breast feeding experience successful while minimizing frustration and undesirable outcomes. If you require this care be sure to provide a referral from a physician allowing work on the nipple specifically.

Consult your Care Provider to make sure this Therapy is good fit for your individual needs. 

Concerning Post Mastectomy, Lumpectomy, Lymphadenectomy, Gynecomastia Surgery, or Gender Affirmation Care:

Our Therapists are trained to handle complex cases and are sensitive to the needs of each client. Rest assured our clinic staff and Providers are supportive and equipped to combine our intuitive and compassionate treatment styles to make your experience as comfortable, safe, and welcoming as possible.