Gua Sha Therapy

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More Information on Gua Sha Therapy:

Gua Sha or Skin Scraping originated in the Paleolithic Age and has been an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine used to prevent or treat disease in many Asian Cultures. In Eastern Medicine it is believed that stagnation causes disease, so movement is key to healing and health. Health Scraping (self Gua Sha) is a daily ritual for individuals in most Asian countries. Just as we use a loofa in the shower, Scraping is used over clothing or before or after bathing with oil or lotion to stimulate circulation and prevent disease.

Increasing blood flow to an area that is in pain, irritated, or restricted helps healing to occur by allowing blood and nutrients into the interstitial space where you are experiencing your pain. This also helps to take away toxins that may be stuck in the tissue thus, allowing a waste exchange cycle to reengage. In addition to increased blood flow, Gua Sha is a phenomenal way to break up scar tissue which is limiting joint movement, binding to underlying muscle tissue, blocking interstitial fluid movement, and causing diffuse achy pain.

Your Massage Therapist will use a non-porous tool made from smooth volcanic stone, buffalo horn, jade, or other polished mineral stones to lightly scrape the surface of your tissue. With oil or massage lotion, the immediate effect is increased circulation to the area with pain or tightness. Sometimes petechiae (small speckling purplish red discoloration), which looks like a tiny speckled bruising may start to show in some areas. Do not be alarmed, this just means the area has more stagnation and the Gua Sha Treatment is working. Speckling should resolve in a few hours to a few days and is harmless.

At Unlocking The Body, we combine Traditional views and Western views when utilizing Gua Sha during our Treatment Sessions. Tissue stagnation, fascial plane assessment, compensation pattern identification all play a part in how Gua Sha is used to help you heal. If you have been receiving massage and have felt like your progress has plateaued, Gua Sha may be the way to get past that and progress with your healing.

All of our Therapists are trained in Gua Sha Therapy. If you are interested in incorporating this modality into your next Massage Session please contact the office to schedule, or email a provider directly for more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!