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$60 New Client Wellness Massage Special

Text us at (253) 970-8256 for Openings!

Call or Text 253-970-8256 and schedule your Massage today, or check for same day availability! Wellness visits are regularly $70 for a one hour session, $105 for 1.5 hours, and $140 for 2 hours. If you book 1.5 hour or 2 hours for your first visit, price is $60 for first hour and regular price for remaining time.


Why spend more at a fancy spa with less results in your treatment? Our goal is to be the best Medical Day Spa in Puyallup.

A Phenomenal Massage from a Highly Skilled Practitioner, at an Affordable Price.....Anytime!

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or Email [email protected] for Questions or to Schedule an Appointment Today!

Jennifer R Bull, LMP

Michon A. Lowe, LMP

Jennifer A. Rowe, LMP

Jessica K. Campbell, LMP

Colette C. French, LMP

Tia L. Sheppard, LMP

Tiffany A. Holmes, LMP

Anne M. Schiele, LMP

Lena G. List, LMP

Bethany J. Brown, LMP

Stephanie A. Turbyfill, LMP

Whitney L. English, LMP

Janelle R. Cutuli, LMP

Alexandra N. Carvalho, LMP