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Sensory Deprivation - Floatation therapy

First Float

60 Minute Float Time - 90 Minute Booking Time

Get a Bit of a Discount to Check Out Our Way of Floating at UTB


Returning Float

60 Minute Float Time - 90 Minute Booking Time

No Contracts or Monthly Auto Deductions. Just Simply Float.


New Client 3 Float Package

3 - 60 Minute Floats - 90 Minute Booking Time Each 

Ideal to Achieve Your Perfect Float


Enjoy a 60 or 90 Minute Float in our 6' x 9' custom, glass enclosed Float Pool with 9' ceilings. Our Float Pool has about 250 gallons of solution, approximately 12" deep and uses around 1200 pounds of dissolved epsom salts to make you float weightlessly.  Our unique set up provides ample room in the Float Pool, differentiating us from other local facilities with a smaller pod enclosure. For those who can't seem to get a good arm span, leg stretch, felt claustrophobic, or that they are breathing recycled air, our Float Pool provides a comfortable alternative to a pod enclosure. If you have ever been too cold, hot, or cannot seem to get into a comfortable position this can deter you from future floating and quitting before you have really experienced the benefits of float therapy. UTB offers many bolstering methods, room temperature, water temperature, and other comfort options, free of charge to learn your preferred float environment. For sound options, you can float with nothing like traditional sensory deprivation sessions, or a personalized experience with your own music, music we have pre selected and tested with success, or even guided meditations and chakra balancing floats. To figure out your ideal floating environment, we recommend purchasing a 3 float package ($180 only available at first visit) to figure out your preferences and we will prepare your room to your desired specifications.

We are open 7 days a week for floating, however, only have a limited number of float appointments per day due to the individualized and personalized experience we offer.  Available at no charge are swim caps, underwater headphones, combs, hair ties, and other amenities normally charged for. We want to let you try options to find what works best for you.  UTB is the Only Float Facility in Puyallup, currently, and the only Float Facility in Pierce County to be approved for an extra level of purification in our Float Pool. We use Ozone to help with our sanitization in addition to UV and filtration systems, maintaining high standards for a sanitary environment each time you float. If you have any questions or would like to schedule your first float don't hesitate to call, text or email.

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or Email [email protected] for Questions or to Schedule an Appointment Today!

Floats Are Also Available For Gift Certificate Purchase.

Use Your Medical Insurance to Pay for Massage Therapy... We Will Help You!

Many people don't know that Massage Therapy is a covered benefit under most Health Insurance plans, or if you are in an accident on the job or in a vehicle. We can help you utilize these benefits and pay less out of pocket for your Massage Therapy Sessions. Stop trying Pills and temporary fixed to solve your Pain issues! Call or Text 253-970-8256 and we will help you figure out how!

  • We accept the following Insurance Carriers: Regence, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Amazon, Teamsters, First Choice Health Network, Car Accidents with Personal Injury Protection, VA - Community Care, Work related injuries, Kaiser Options or Access, and United Healthcare.
  • Billing Massage Therapy Requires a diagnosis code from a Doctor, Naturopath, Chiropractor, Physicians Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner. We can help you get this!
  • Medicare, Tricare, DSHS, Apple Health at this time do not cover Massage Therapy. As a courtesy we offer a $60 first visit discounted session to try our Facility and Staff out. $70 thereafter with no contracts!

All you need to do is Call or Text our office to get the process started. WE will check your benefits to see if you have coverage AND help contact a provider you have seen within the past 30 days to help obtain a prescription in order for you to receive care at UTB! We look forward to being an active part of facilitating your health!

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or Email [email protected] for Questions or to Schedule an Appointment Today!

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