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Our Licensed Massage Practitioners offer a wide range of Massage Modalities. From General Relaxation to Post-Trauma Medical Massage, you can be assured that we will be able to meet your specific needs. We accept most major medical plans except for Tricare, Medicare, and State Medical and always offer a $60 Wellness Massage introductory rate to ensure you are able to try out a highly skilled Practitioner, at an affordable price.

Check out our pages under the Our Services Tab to find which session is right for you! Also, you can click each individual Massage Practitioner's Tab to read their Bio, check their Insurance Providership, and/or scheduling hours, so that you may choose the Therapist that best suits your needs.

Call or text with any questions you have or if you would like us to check your insurance benefits for Massage Therapy coverage.

Menu Of Services

60 Minute Medical Massage

Basic Swedish/Relaxation/Wellness/Preventative Massage

60 Minute Hot Stone Massage

60 Minute Aromatherapy Massage

60 Minute Prenatal Massage

60 Minute Sports Massage

Couples Massage Session

60 Minute Massage Cupping Session

Reflexology Session

Thai Yoga Massage Session

Intraoral Massage Session

Chakra Balancing Session

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Happy employees work more efficiently and with less sick time, it has been proven. Massage decreases pain, stress, and helps to rid the body of toxins. Schedule an On-Site Massage Event to bring health into your office. Chair or Table Massage can be accomodated, at your preference. Call to discuss and plan your event.

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Jennifer R Bull, LMP

Michon A. Lowe, LMP

Jennifer A. Rowe, LMP

Jessica K. Campbell, LMP

Colette C. French, LMP

Tia L. Sheppard, LMP

Tiffany A. Holmes, LMP

Anne M. Schiele, LMP

Lena G. List, LMP

Bethany J. Brown, LMP

Stephanie A. Turbyfill, LMP

Whitney L. English, LMP

Janelle R. Cutuli, LMP

Alexandra N. Carvalho, LMP