Sugary – Nostalgic Scents


Nostalgia is a sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. These candle scents remind me of my childhood as a Gen Xer. I promise if you are in the 35-50 range these candles will hit home. : ) Check out our offerings in this scent family and see the descriptions for my childhood memories of each scent.  If you want to try but not commit to our 32oz size, then build your own 8oz sampler of 4 scents to smell our crisp scents.  We hand pour each candle so you can really feel the love. Cotton wicks, no dyes or heavy metals, and phthalate free, ensuring you will be burning only the best in your sacred space.  Great for every room of your home. Pick your favorite scent and we can deliver straight to your door.

Select from drop down menu to read about each candles scent profile. We offer “No Contact” delivery available with a minimum purchase of $80 and delivery area is within a 10 mile radius of UTB to your front door. Delivery time is no more than 3 business days. If there is a problem with availability for your order we will reach out asap.

If you have an appointment in the clinic feel free to pre order and pick up at your next appointment.

***Remember to specify delivery or pick up at check out***

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