***Masks are required to receive care in our building and must be worn while in common areas and while receiving massage***

If you have questions or concerns do not hesitate to call us at 253-970-8256

COVID - 19 & Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is a great alternative health care modality to support and even boost your immune system, but you must still exercise caution. Massage Therapy can increase the activity level of the body's white blood cells that work to combat viruses and is a part of a complete alternative regimen to strengthen the body against invaders. Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Massage, Supplements, and Staying Active are all ways you can take control of your own health in this time of increased need. Read more below for links and helpful tips to support your system. 

When to Avoid Care and Stay Home:

If any of the following apply to you please postpone your upcoming treatment session. This is a brief list, other conditions could still apply, use a common sense approach when making an informed decision. Talk to your Doctor, Chiropractor, or Naturopath to decide if Massage Therapy is right for you, if you are in doubt exercise caution, call us immediately at 253-970-8256 and do not come in for your appointment.

Exhibiting Symptoms:

  • Fever - even low grade
  • Cough
  • General feelings of malaise or simply "unwell"
  • Trouble Breathing or Respiratory issues
  • Body Aches
  • Loss of Smell or Taste
  • Have Pending Results from a COVID-19 Test
  • Have been around someone who has pending COVID-19 or recent positive diagnosis.

How Has Massage Benefitted You During The Coronavirus Outbreak? 

We love to hear the positive effects of Massage in general, and now it is even more impactful to share just how important accessible Alternative Healthcare is to you. Please drop a line with your experience.

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What Steps Are We Taking To Protect Our Employees and Patients :

We want to make sure that if you are choosing to receive care at our clinic during this time of heightened exposure risk we are taking the necessary precautions to keep our clinic sanitized as well as maximize social distance when at all possible. Here are a few of our safety measures to ensure employee and patient wellbeing at this time:

  • We have decreased the presence of office staff in main area as well as all back offices to ensure a 6 foot social distancing, as well as our front desk staff work through the barriers at check in and check out. 
  • Our electronic payments require no signature or patient handled iPad interaction, we handle it all on our end for you, so no unnecessary exposure.
  • We have enacted a mobile check-in option by simply texting our front office at 253-970-8256 when you park your car. You may wait in your vehicle or outside until your Therapist is ready for your session when you are promptly texted to enter the building. Our waiting room remains open and you are always welcome, at a proper social distance of course. : )
  • We use fresh linens, towels, face cradle covers, pillow cases for each patient. Always have, and always will. 
  • We wear N95 masks and are requiring our patients mask up as well for treatments and while unable to maintain social distancing.
  • Vinyl barriers cases are on tables and pillows for easy sanitization between patients.
  • We sanitize each treatment room with 70% isopropyl alcohol in between each session. This includes treatment table, face cradle, door and handles, bolsters, clothing hooks, chair, floor, counter surfaces, all treatment tools and bottles. This may take a few extra minutes, and we appreciate your understanding if the Therapist is running a few minutes behind.
  • We sanitize the complete office with 70% isopropyl alcohol at open and close as well as 4-5 times per day. This includes bathrooms, all check in and check out counters, our retail areas, all seating, interior and exterior doors and light switches in common areas.
  • We have 3 UV & Ozone generators which are deployed nightly in the massage hallway, main hallway/waiting area and office hallway/desk area. 
  • We do 2 deep cleans during the weekdays using bleach after hours, including the floors in all walkways and common areas. Floors in treatment rooms are sanitized between each patient as well as nightly and at these bleach cleans.
  • On Saturday after we close for the day, we start a 24 hour complete disinfecting process. We go room by room sanitizing every surface or item with alcohol, let sit to dry, and then wash with soap and water. We again mop floors with soap and water as well as a finishing bleach mop.

Recommendations From Our Referral Network

Here are a few links from trusted care Providers in our area with healthful tips to set you up for success. Please reach out to their offices specifically for more guidance or to establish care, remember these suggestions are only a framework and not in place of actual medical consultation for your specific conditions. Feel free to contact them for more info and check out their web page.

Atlas Family Chiropractic

Dr. Darryl Roundy, Dr. Nicole Long, & Dr. Dillon Clark

2310 Mildred Street West, Tacoma, WA 98466


Holistic Health Clinic

Dr. Miller, Dr. Judah, Dr. Scronce

1530 S Union Ave #4, Tacoma, WA 98405



Prevent The Spread

(Remember to stay at home as much as possible except for essential trips and appointments)

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